Wall sculpture composed of multiple ceramic elements in composition, available at any scale by commission


Wall Installation for The Avery Condos , San Francisco
6" H x 20' L X 1" D



Wall Installation for The  Avery , San Francisco,
6" H x 20' L X 1" D



Catalpa Wall Installation -detail



In Balance
Wall Installation for the Tam Corporation
20' x 5'



Houston Texas
20 ' L x 7' H x 3" D



SWN, outdoor view



Particular Balance
composition of 15 inch stoneware squares
9'H x 25' L x 3" D



Particular Balance, detail
9'H x 25' L x 3" D



Traffic Patterns NYC Installation
80"H x 23 " L x 4"D



Traffic Patterns 
Exhibition at Jane Hartsook Gallery
60" H x 182" L x x 4" D



Yolk Installation
26"H x 4" L x 2" D



Monoprint and Clay 
Exhibition Installation Burger Gallery,  Kean University
(varied sizes)



Tucker Robbins Room Installation
36"H x 36" L x 3" D



Donovan and Yee Installation
12" H x 96" L x2" D



High Falls Residence
Gloss Squares
19 " H x 36"L  x 2" D



Surdna Foundation NYC
Vessels &  Squares Installation