Archive of Past Work

A snapshot of works made from late 1970's - 2000


Black and White Carved Stoneware 1990-2000

Precise forms, energetic freehand carved  surfaces.
Slip cast, handbuilt and wheel thrown.
Designs made in series similar to printmaking practice or one off.


Inlay Porcelain 1980-1990


Porcelain  Bottle Forms with Glass 1990


Teapots and Cups 

Glass and Porcelain



Porcelain Lusterware 1978

My first formal exploration into integrating color , surface, and form.
Forms  inspired by work of  the European ceramic and glass artists and designers
especially Lucie Rie, the Natzlers, and Hans Baumann.


Neon/Ceramic Sculpture 1976

Los Angeles in the 1970's was an exciting time for contemporary art .Rules went out the window.
Mixed media, industrial materials, saturated color automotive paint , spare sculptural forms .
I embraced it with enthusiasm but needed to wait until I had skills to express my ideas.
Raised in Los Angeles I had an innate understanding of the movement later called LA fetish Finish /LA look
I produced this body of  sculptural work in ceramic and neon, an integration of color, form and light
shortly after graduation from CSULB and working with
Judy Chicago on The Dinner Party ceramics



Oval Vessels

Long Vessels

Handles Vessels

Boat Vessels