Long Vessels

An ongoing passion for working in the round  led to altering the natural shape of wheel thrown vessels from their original form to a long gestural ellipse, leaving clues and memory of their origin . The surface is a good
canvas for texture and color inspired by nature, abstract painting, and the urban landscape. 


Swerve 2 Vessel 
8" H x 21.4" W x 5" D



Bleed, Long Vessel
11" H x 23" W x 10" D

Soot Vessel
7" H x 17" W x 5.5" D

Asphalt and Snow 3
8"  H x 25.5" W x 6"  D

Squeeze Long Vessel 
7" H x 24" W x 4" D

Albers and Indigo Long Vessel 
7.5" H x 22" W x 9" D

Snow & Tar Long Vessel 
8" H x 27" W x 7" D

Boxite Long Vessel
6" H X 18 " X L X 5" D

Agra Long Vessel
6" H x 14" L x 9" D

Tab Long Vessel
7 " H x 21"L x 5"D

Swerve #1, Long Vessel
8H  x 18 L x 9" D


Oval Vessels

Handles Vessels 


Boat Vessels